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The apartment rental market on the mid coast is fairly stable.  Depending on the quality of the property and its location monthly  rents are, typically, as follows:
One Bedroom:       $550 to $700  plus heat and electric
Two Bedroom:       $650 to $890 plus heat and electric
Three Bedroom:  $975 to $1200 plus heat and electric
If an apartment includes heat or heat and electric the monthly rents  may increase by $100 to $250 a month
Single Family Houses
Single family houses can be more difficult to find because many are in a  seasonal rental program.  In additon, some are also for sale and the lease may include a clause that enables the owner to give a 60 day notice to vacate in the event of a purchase and sale agreement.    
Typical rents for a 3 bed single family house will be in the range of $1000 to $1500 up,  depending on the quality and location.  Tenants may also be required to pay all utilities and deal with yard maintenance.  
Maybe you wish to share with a friend or two?
Some owners, but not all, are OK with sharers.  Usually each applicant will need to complete an application and all are equally responsible under the terms of a lease.  
Some owners allow one,  and sometimes two, small mature pets; a cat,  dog, birds, fish tanks.   Rodents, Hampsters, Snakes, Spiders and exotic animals are not usually allowed.   Additional pet deposits and pet agreements are also required.