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  1. Murphys Law: If something can go wrong it will...But maybe Murphy was an optimist! Not to worry, we will get it fixed for you. We have worked with a group of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, furnace technicians, roofers, and general construction guys for over twenty years. If it is an emergency, for example a furnace breaking down in the middle of winter, we just get on and fix it. If it is not an emergency, then we discuss with you what we need to do first.
    Repairs and Maintenance
  2. Our agreement spells out our obligations to each other, it is straight forward and enables you to cancel at any time without penalties. If you would like to see a copy just click on the contacts and links button above and send us an email. Alternatively call John on 207 837 0806.
    Management Agreement
  3. We do credit and criminal background checks on all applicants. We call their current and/or previous landlords and verify their work place and income. We also ask tenants for personal references and the names of at least two people who can be contacted in the event of an emergency. All tenants are asked to obtain renters insurance as part of the lease agreement.
    Tenant Screening
  4. Whether residential or commercial a good lease agreement will protect both the tenant and the owner. The leases we use have been tried, tested and developed over many years. They are consistent with the Landlord-Tenant Law in Maine. A copy is available for your inspection. Just click on the contact and links button above and send an email or call John on 207 837 0806
    Lease agreements