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    John Alexander
Buying or Selling Real Estate
Lori Alexander can help you with all aspects of the purchase and sales process. Call Lori on 207 837 0804     
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    Lori Alexander
    Lori is a Realtor with Legacy Properties and will be happy to work with you whether you are first time buyer or are moving on.
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    Looking for the right property to buy?
    With access to the Main Multiple Listing Service, Lori can help you find the property that meets all your requirements.
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    Property For Sale
    Attention to detail is the key to a successful, and less stressful experience as you consider your next move. .
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    First Time Buyes
    Many of our tenants, eventually buy their first property. Let Lori help you with the process without any fees to you.
Call Lori Alexander on 207 837 0804 for an exploratory, no obligation, discussion